Welcome to the Farm!
This 80 acre farm in the foothills of southern Alberta has been in the Patterson family since 1902. We have a passion for history and the environment that we would like to share.
We offer workshops in Permaculture and Pioneer Skills such as growing & preserving your own organic food. 
Through our monthly home delivery service, we offer fresh produce, home baking and farm fresh eggs.
 We have a large organic vegetable garden, happy chickens, and rabbits.
What's New?
We now offer a Monthly Home Delivery Service of homemade nourishing foods! Learn all about "Pioneer Kitchen" here

What are people saying about us?
"Your pie is better than my Grandma's pie! Don't tell my Grandma that."

"I am very glad that there is a group of people like yourselves that are so willing to share your knowledge and are so passionate about it. The universe thanks you!"
"I really enjoyed the [Intro to Permaculture] course and learned lots of new ideas for my house, garden and farm."
-"Amazing, delicious lunches - yum! I'd come to this course just for the food!"
What's in a name?
 The name Patterson Springs Farm is inspired by Frank Patterson, the man who homesteaded this land back in 1902. There is a wonderful freshwater spring on the land which has provided the best drinking water you could imagine, for all these years, to the six generations of Pattersons who have called this farm home. 
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